Wound Care Manufacturing Products

Wound care manufacturing products are being driven by the aging consumers. It’s a vast growing industry with a wealth of profit even though regulations keep pressuring profit. The industry has enjoyed revenue growth and the forecast for expansion continues. This is mainly due to the increased demand for advanced care products that are being utilized by doctors and hospitals, thanks to a rise in chronic conditions, like obesity and diabetes which call for regular use of wound care products. This is next to the population living longer and the occurrence of related health issues that result in aging.

The industry itself supplies retailers like drugstores and department stores with wound management products, like self-adhesive bandages,large wound non-self-adhesive bandages, and bacterial ointments, but together these products only account for roughly 52% of the industries revenue. And although most of these items are purchased by consumers, the wound care industry also sells them to doctors offices and hospitals.

Many of these products are made through precision cutting of die cutting service providers. Since there are various shapes affiliated with the products, the medical industry requires specific and precision customization of many of the wound care products. This includes the bandages that can be found in an array of shapes and size, in addition to a variety of designs and colors.It also includes such things as various sizes of gauze pads, pads for nosebleeds, and most any other type of bandage, including ace bandages.

Manufacturers of wound care products also include blood stopper powder for cuts, nosebleeds, and lacerations. It’s a safe and effective powder that’s non-toxic that won’t burn the skin but helps heal wounds by forming an instant and flexible scab. This product is usually found in hospitals,workplaces, other healthcare professionals and even the military.

You’ll find manufacturers of cotton, elastics,ointments, creams, alcohol and peroxides. Another big product manufactured for wound care and the medical industry are needles. Needles are used for a variety of services in the medical field but when it comes to wound care manufacturing,they can be used for suturing a wound. Needles are made of stainless steel in a variety of sizes and are usually manufactured in a clean room die cutting environment. They’re strong enough to bend without breaking and sharp enough to penetrate tissue with little discomfort. They make needles in various sizes because there are factors to consider when choosing the right needle for surgery. Tissue type and thickness, as well as, location are all considered.

There are also advanced wound care manufacturing service providers. These products are require a unique processing challenge related to laminating, packaging and die cutting.

These wound care products can include:

  • Absorptive and hydrocolloid dressings
  • IV site care and securment
  • Thin film, silicone, and compression dressings
  • Wound closure devices including multilayer suture strips

There are many wound care manufacturing service providers. And so long as there’s advancements in products and technologies, as well as, people living longer, the industry will keep seeing a profit.