What are the best tips to plan an on-demand service app development?

On-demand applications are shaping the world

Today, in this fast paced tech savvy world, the digital market for all business industry has many potential opportunities to shape and simplify any required process. Every operation and task of every industry is approached in a digital manner in order to save money, reach customers faster at right time and right place. This is possible with on-demand applications. ondemand apps provide the ability to instantly deliver products and services to the customer via online medium at anytime, anyplace without any delay. Thus, the demand for ondemand app development has been increasing every day.

Today, the focus of any on-demand app development company is towards developing solutions that overcome the traditional concerns of meeting the market demand with equal supply. Some of the top used ondemand apps are Uber, Airbnb, etc. With ondemand apps, companies are able to provide variety of services that use smart mobility features to deliver service to the customers doorstep efficiently.

This article discusses about some of the best tips that will help you structure an efficient approach to develop a good ondemand service app.

Best tips to build a strong structured plan to develop an on demand service app

Identify the type of on demand service app to develop

The initial task to have a successful outcome and increased return on investment is to identify the type of service you are going to offer users. There are three kinds of services that you can offer users. Your on demand service app can offer services in transportation, food or home maintenance. The type of on demand service app you provide and your targeted users, determine the success and strength of your on demand service app.

The next task is to identify the type of app you are going to build because the on-demand service app you develop should be compatible with different mobile platforms. It would be beneficial to deploy your on demand service app initially in a local market. Make sure that your on demand service app is perceived as a minimum viable product (MVP) by the users. MVP is when your on demand service app supports all or at least a minimum of few important basic functions and features promised to the user.

This would help you understand if your on demand service app is meeting the expected customer requirements and if you have to make any changes before expanding your market too.

Stay focused on your target customers

To ensure the success of your on demand service app, first you should have a strong confirmation on who are your customers. The segmentation of your target customers might be based on age, target industry, location, working designation, taste, etc. Only when you have knowledge on your targeted customers, you can understand the market trends and it is also important to stay updated with the latest trends.

When you understand the market trends, it also will help you to better customize and meet the requirements of your customer preferences effectively.

Ensure your on demand service app is convenient

Every customer want products and service to be delivered at their doorstep. They also want to have a user friendly interface which provides them the convenience of being able to use your services anytime, anyplace.

Following are some key tips to keep in mind that will help you provide the convenience which might efficiently satisfy the customer.

Ability to track your service and source

Customers should be offered with the ability to track your service in real-time after they place their order online. Also, they must be able to track the original source from where your service is originating from. This provides a feeling of quality and value of authenticity to customer too.

Hassle-free payment methods

After placing the order, one of the critical factors you need to consider is providing your customers a hassle-free payment method. Provide multiple options to your customer for payment. These multiple options should include debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery or digital wallets.

Order history

Customers might feel useful if you provide them with the ability to re-order a particular product or service from their history of orders. This is because sometimes, customers might want to order the same type of product or service more than once or order multiple times in a single order.

Time taken to develop

According to the source of medium, following is the approximate time taken by each specific task to develop an ondemand service app. This might give you an over-all idea on how long it will take before deployment.

TaskTime taken to develop
Administration panel30 hours
Tracking features40 hours
Booking features32 hours
Push notification features48 hours
Payment features50 hours
Design140 to 300 hours
Front end panel515 to 800 hours
Backend panel300 to 500 hours
Total 1400 to 2400 hours

Key team members and cost incurred to develop your on demand service app

According to the industry experts, your on demand service app delivery must definitely include a team of user interface designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, quality assurance engineer and a project manager. The approximate cost involved to develop an efficient on demand delivery app is USD 49000 to USD 84000.

Signing Off: with on demand service app, opportunities knock more than once

Always remember that, the faster you are able to deliver service to your customer, better the customer satisfaction will be. With on demand service apps, you can efficiently ensure in meeting demands with an effective supply. Let us know, what you think are some other factor that may help to build a better on-demand service app.

Sonal Mehta

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