Want to Sell Your Car in UAE? Go Through Our Best Car Selling Guide

Buying or selling a used, dead, damaged or accidental car here in UAE can be a daunting process until you have actually done it. In short, if you have already done that before, the experience wouldn’t become pleasant any further. Due to a rather complicated system of laws and rules and an occasional guy trying to pull a fast one, we have spoken to Crazy Car Corner (who provides a service of free Car Inspection in UAE) and got the mentioned below tips to help you bring yourself out from the maze of complications.

How much is Your Car’s Value Right Now?

The first and foremost thing you should do is to figure out the current value of your car. Having a look at the online classified pages is a great way to start, but the values normally tend to range massively with 20 versions of the same car with costing hugely different prices – even though without letting know why. What tends to happen is that while selling a car on classified ads, everyone (not really) looks at a similar car and adds 2-3% to leave a room for negotiation. Despite, when a buyer looks at the car, he/she filters out everything but the cheapest price always make that process pointless.

The perfect way to find an accurate price is that, find online companies offering a price comparison tool so that you can compare hundreds of thousands of price quotes, previous sales and immediate car valuation (free). It undoubtedly saves your time finding your car’s real market value.

Sell to a Dealer

Selling your used car to a deal is another option but most of the dealers only tend to be interested in those cars which are certifiable. Making it quite simple, if your car isn’t older more than 2 years and fits their current brand strategy, then your car worth on their floor space. But, if you want to buy a brand new car from the same dealer where you are about to sell, it’s a different case then. Otherwise, it’s not worth the dealer’s time and ultimately he will offer the lowest price.

And if you want your car to be sold to a dealership, don’t forget to check their proper and valid trade license. It should read “Used Car Trading” instead of anything which may sound identical or a little bit different. Getting your deal to be done with incorrectly licensed, unlicensed or fraudulent dealer may lead you to stay liable for your car even after the sale.

Find a Buyer

You can find potential Car Buyers in UAE by posting an online ad on listing websites for your car. But, you should be ready for numerous calls from random people at even more random times. Most of the people will blindly try to bargain you down before even seeing your ad. It’s indeed a pain to have to reorganize your life plans to factor in a viewing or test drive schedule for all buyers.

Sometimes it becomes a long drawn process but you can certainly find buyers that way. Also, it’s quite important to remember that a car loses between 2 to 3% of its actual value for every single month it remains unsold. So, ask people around, tell your loved ones, tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends further and keep an eye on car buying companies such as Crazy Car Corner.

Our Recommendation

You should be quite flexible and need to review the lowest price you feel you’re Ok with if you haven’t found any potential buyer ever after a couple of weeks. According to our recent personal experience, anywhere between 80% of your original asking price and upwards is quite good to go. Just be noted that, after a couple of weeks that have elapsed, so many sorts of buyers will start appearing. Some of them will be dealers whereas rest of the guys will be genuine. Both types of buyers will know that your car is still unsold and then offers will start to head lower in case you’re not familiar with what the right market price is.

Let’s put everything aside for a second or two, Crazy Car Corner in UAE is an excellent and convenient way that helps sellers avoid all kind of hassle by managing a process from A to Z. Just drop your car details and enjoy the hassle-free process while sitting back and feeling relax even with free car inspection at your doorstep. So, say goodbye to any potential buyer or any legal process and get your payment in your hand within 30 minutes. Amazing?


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