Top 10 Hospitality Technology Trends for 2019

Like all other industries, the hospitality industry has also adopted and incorporated the use of the latest technological inventions due to which it has constantly been undergoing rapid changes. Hotels and other hospitality service providers are embracing the innovations to improve their functionality and the overall experience that the customers take away with them. For industries, nowadays, it is extremely important that they leap forth to accept the innovations and advancements otherwise they run the risk of becoming obsolete and outdated.

This is why people in top positions of hoteling and hospitality services have become more open to integrating many of the new technology trends to aid in the smooth running of their services.

Some of the most popular and highly effective technology trends in 2019 are as given below.

Online virtual communities

The advent of social media has taken the world by storm. In many ways, social media platforms have given people the chance to stay more up-to-date with changes in all spheres. Taking heed from this, hoteling services have come forth to make their presence strongly felt by the successful running of their official pages, groups, profiles etc. Similarly, through the online communities and websites like Trip Advisor, they have had been able to leave a profound impact on the customers.

Amazon Alexa

To remove the need for unnecessary phone calls, many hospitality service providers have opted to use Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality to provide troubleshooting services for minor inconveniences. By giving a clear command to Alexa, customers can get direct help, bypassing the need for them to make calls. This way, hotels can respond to the demands of their customers in a much faster and efficient way. Similar services can also be received from Cortana, Siri and even Google Assistant.

Hotel Mobile Apps

This generation has a love affair with apps of all kinds. Taking heed from this, hoteling businesses have also curated their apps which allow them to maintain a presence in their consumers’ minds and simultaneously help them improve the functionality for their guests, by allowing the apps to function as room keys, connecting to Wi-Fi etc. Similarly, potential customers can check for reviews on those apps before making their decision about which service provider to opt for.


Making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology giants have created ChatBots that have come to great use for such hospitality services. By recognising the pattern of frequently asked questions, this technology aims to answer those concerns and queries in a faster way by chatting with a customer through programmed answers in the system.

Security Technology

In places like hotels, where corporate events and meetings are a norm, the threat of a security breach is always present. This is why hotel admins have now resorted, more and more, to using technology as a means of turning up security levels within the premises. These technologies provide proper security protocols that must be followed strictly to avoid an unfavourable situation from occurring.

Hotel inspection through virtual reality (VR)

Sometimes, reviews and ratings tend to be insufficient evidence for picky customers. To aid such customers, hotels and other services within the industry aim to resolve this issue by allowing them to have a full-on experience through the use of virtual reality. Now, potential customers have the option to view rooms by way of 360-degree videos or images.

Technology for smart check-in and check-out

Just as with online boarding that can be done with air travel, similarly hotels have invested in the technology that allows customers to check-in and check-out at their convenience through their online app or website. This means that less time is wasted and the manpower that may have been utilised at the reception may now better be used elsewhere to improve the experience of customers in other areas.

Digitalised guest experiences

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction is an utmost priority within the hospitality industry. Through the use of apps and online portals, hoteliers are now in a better position to manage the services provided to customers, in a much more efficient and effective way.


Although a relatively new and uncommon technology to have come to the hospitality industry, the use of robots is gaining a fair amount of momentum within the industry. In countries like Japan, however, it is not uncommon to come across front desk robots, performing the functions of a receptionist. This not only removes the need to employ unnecessary manpower but also allows the same work to be done in way lesser time, as these robots function on highly sophisticated artificial intelligence technology.


You heard it right! Hoteling service providers are well aware of the inconvenience their customers often face due to the frequent discharging of their mobiles and other smart devices. To provide a solution for this inconvenience, many hoteliers have invested in what is called the Chargifi. In simple terms, it is a wireless solution to charge smartphones. Through the works of sophisticated in-app integration, hotel-goers can find an easy solution for charging their devices by coming within the proximity of the charging station.

All in all, it has become incredibly important for the hoteling industry to open itself to accepting all the technological advancements for its good. While the consumers are becoming extremely tech-savvy, it only makes sense that they take heed from this changing trend and hence, provide them with an experience that corresponds with their changing needs. With this, it becomes even more apparent that for all businesses to stay on top of their game, it is important that they fully accept and incorporate the changes that technology continues to bring forth. There are many benefits to be gained from the use of technology. Enhancing the overall experience would mean only one thing –customers would keep returning to them by which the hotel management will be able to get more revenue and higher profit.

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