The use of Advanced Technologies in HR Software Solutions in 2019

Its two quarters down in 2019 and the businesses have already started to use some of the most futuristic technologies which are changing the method of business operation all around the world. Some of the organizations are also opting to the advanced solutions for each job profile in order to reduce the dependence on human competence. The main focus of advanced technologies is to optimize productivity at the lowest possible rates. We shall be discussing the HR department where almost all the work relies heavily on the documentation, which is the integral part of every HR operation. The HR Software solutions have emerged as one of the best alternatives to manual processing as they reduce the cost of operation and enhance the quality of the work to virtually one hundred percent. The use of advanced technologies in the HR Software solutions shall be reviewed in this article and the corresponding benefits to the company. So hang on to get an overview to polish your expertise on the topic.

Robotic Process Automation to Replace Manual Decision Making and Document Processing

The HR Software can be clubbed with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which will prove to be a significant breakthrough as it will remove the manual data validation. The software shall record all the activities involved in the daily tasks of the administrator and trace a pattern. The everyday functions are analyzed by the RPA, and it shall learn how to perform them. The system then requests permission to execute these processes independently. The system shall develop a corresponding algorithm to detect a similar process and complete it by replicating the human operator. In terms of the HR Software solutions, we can understand this by the example of claim processing. The system shall read the email containing ‘bill’ or ‘invoice’ and download the email attachment. By using OCR technology, the relevant details are interpreted by the system, and the journal entry is made in the accounting software. Once the administrator logs in the system, they are notified accordingly. This reduces the workload to a great extent as the eligibility of the claim is verified, and the application is processed subsequently. The necessity of human intervention is thus eliminated while reducing the time taken in the whole transaction.

Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

The AI shall help in improving talent acquisition to a great extent. The resumes are compiled to be assessed by the AI-based praising software. All the applications are verified to be as per the requirements of the company and suitability to the job profile by considering the criteria of the company with the submitted details. The applications are given a priority order based on these criteria. The HR can confirm an initial round of screening. Applicants are also notified accordingly. As a result of AI-based sorting of applications, the time taken in the entire process is significantly decreased. But the primary benefit is the fact that the right talent is sourced before it gets absorbed by the market. This is a tremendous competitive advantage for any business, especially in this environment.

Smart Business Intelligence Tools for Every Employee

When the scale of business is increasing to a high level, each transaction counts whether it is made inside or outside the organization. The Performance Management System can act as a Business Intelligence tool for all the employees by providing detailed insights into their working patterns. Many of the redundancies can be traced and nullified by using this information. The unnecessary time and efforts are reduced, which will improve productivity without any change in the competency of the employee. The can be workload distributed in accordance with the availability and skill of the staff members along with scheduling the workflow as per mutual convenience. 

These were some of the most evident uses of advanced technologies in hr software solutions. They will definitely improve the productivity of the companies at multiple dimensions, but a large number of applications are yet to be developed for industrial use. AI-based gamification is one such application which will enhance the employee engagement to a high level. Machine Learning will form the basis of policy building. We are going to witness significant revolutionary changes in the HR solutions, and they will change the functioning of industries for good. 


Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development