The History Of Food Packaging

Was food packaging always important?

In today’s world food packaging is our first priority; we have always been taught that the stronger the packaging, the healthier the food. Do you ever wonder how life was like back then? In the early days of civilization, there was no definite concept of packaging; food used to stay where it was found.

As the time passed by, people started using shells and animal skins to preserve food.  Boxes and other ceramics were created after some time. Moreover, food packaging has taken different routes to get in shape it is today!


The timeline of food packaging:

The food packaging was not always like it is today; it has very much evolved throughout the time. Let’s have a look at the previous methods of packaging food!

  • About 20,000 years before, instinctive materials were used by native people for packaging their food. Transporting food was not easy on those days so the packaged food was only delivered to nearby places.
  • About 8,000-10,000 years ago, pots made from clay became famous in the Middle East; these pots were the best choice for storing, preserving food and transporting it.
  • Roughly 5000 years before, archeologist found wood cylinder, trunks, and cartons from Egyptian tombs. It is concluded that Egyptians used the above stuff for storing food.
  • Different ceramics such as pottery wheel were discovered approximately 3500 years ago. These inventions made storing food products and transporting them easier than before.
  • 2500 years ago, Syrians came up with the idea of glass bowling and that is how glass containers were discovered; these containers were mix with several types of sealing glass. Everyone back then preferred the idea of storing and transporting food in the glass containers.
  • Wrapping came into being, about 20,000 years ago. Paper-like fibers were used to cover the food and store it.
  • From the last 1000 years, food packaging has taken different shapes. Wood crates and metal packaging are used to preserve the food but the most demanded and effective packaging is the cardboard packaging.

Cardboard packaging boxes for modern food packaging:

Food packaging is about three fundamental things; protection, transportation, and promotion. When you choose cardboard boxes for your food packaging, you automatically score these three things. In this modern world, the demand for cardboard boxes is rising because they provide an extra layer of protection to your food product. The freshness, the smell, the flavors, and the food additives will last for a longer time once packed in a cardboard box. Not only this but transporting these cardboard boxes is an extremely easy task; these boxes are hard and will stay in one piece protecting your food from all the damage.

From protecting and transporting your food products, cardboard packaging boxes can help promote your brand. You can select eccentric designs and mouthwatering pictures of food to give the packaging a luxurious look.

Apart from writing the ingredients and instructions, you can also add the nutritional value of the food; this will help you to communicate better with the customers. Cardboard packaging boxes are not only the best choice for your food but also for your business, these boxes may appear small but they have a huge impact on your customer.

Furthermore, they are not expensive and are easily available. Get them in bulk from cardboard boxes wholesale at a much cheaper rate. Packaging food was never this easy before!

An overview:

To conclude, cardboard packaging boxes can surely make your food product different from others so get these boxes from cardboard packaging boxes wholesale and let the show begin!