Skincare and Beauty Tips For Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is the worst for our hair and skin. With extreme humidity and heat, your skin starts developing acne and several skin-related diseases. The hair on the other hand becomes too oily or too frizzy, making them unmanageable largely. Apart from this there are several other problems such a smelly body and running makeup that can make us feel weird and under confident at times. Instead of surrendering yourself to the monsoon season and worrying every single time it starts to rain, why not incorporate essential skincare, hair care and beauty tips that will keep you going in this hot and humid weather of monsoon season as well.

Tips To Wear Perfume In Monsoon Season:

Wearing monsoon is very tricky during the monsoon season, as it will wash away as soon as the rain hits you or due to the perspiration. For making your perfume stick on your skin for a long time, you should apply Vaseline or any such sticky moisturiser on your skin and spray perfume on it. This will help in holding down the perfume on the skin helping it to survive even the rain and perspiration. You can also try out perfumes for women that have an oil base or non-alcoholic base. These type of perfumes evaporate faster so you need something that will stay on your skin for a longer period.

You should also switch to perfumes suitable for the rainy season. Try out fresh and aquatic notes as they will help you in smelling amazing throughout the day. Apart from that citruses are also ideal for this season. it is tangy, zesty and has just the right amount of freshness that you need for the season. Read more about the Ultimate Buying Guide To Perfume For Girls

Skincare For Monsoon Season:

Your skin is very sensitive during monsoon season hence requires special care. During this season, germs will be very active, so you need to follow a skincare routine that helps in killing these germs and keeping the skin healthy. Here are some easy as well as essential skincare tips for you for the rainy season,

Drink a lot of water: First start with drinking a lot of water throughout the day in this season. You might not feel thirsty at all due to the tricky weather but since you will be losing a lot of water from your body in the form of perspiration, it is crucial replenish all the lost fluids. Avoid carbonated drinks and coffee as they can make your body feel dehydrated making the skin dull.

Use antibacterial soaps: To protect your skin from all kinds of germs, make sure to use antibacterial soaps every day while taking a bath. It will help in killing all the germs keeping your skin safe.

Perfumes for Women

Use tea tree oil face masks: Since monsoon season is the peak time for acne, you need to take precautions in advance. For this tryout tea tree oil face mask at least once a week. Take two teaspoons of fuller’s earth or Multani mitti, mix one teaspoon of full cream milk, two teaspoon of rosewater and 4 drops of tea tree oil in it. It should be yoghurt like consistency so you can add a bit more water if needed. Apply it all over the face, and wash off with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes. This will help in reducing acne if you already have as well as preventing them.

Haircare For Monsoon Season:

Monsoon season is not at all favourable for your hair so you need to be a bit extra careful while taking care of them. Here are some tips for your hair in the rainy season,

Get a Hair Cut: Start off by taking a hair trim at the start of the season, it will help in getting rid of all the frays and split ends in case you have. It can be just small trim and not completely new look with your hair.

Massage With Oil: Massage your hair with warm olive oil once every week during the rainy season. This will help you in avoiding frizzy dry hair and finally those dreaded split ends.

Use Gentle Shampoos: Try to include gentle refreshing shampoos in the season as they will not strip your hair from its natural oils keeping them soft and silky.

Use Perfumes On The No-wash Day: Often it happens that you are not in the mood for hair wash or do not have time for the same. On such days, you can use your ladies perfume to add that little bit of freshness to your hair, making them smell good. Make sure to use non-alcoholic shampoos as they will not make your hair dry and dull.

Beauty Tips For Monsoon Season:

It can be a bit messy to put makeup on in monsoon season. Your mascara runs away and the foundation flows like a river as soon as humidity hits you with an oily cakey look. To avoid all these makeup blunders, you need to use waterproof makeup products. They are easily available and have several budget-friendly options.

To prevent your foundation from looking oily or cakey, you need a special technique. Scrub your face to remove all the dirt and dead skin, using gentle chemical exfoliants. Apply moisturiser on your face according to your skin’s requirement. On top of it, apply your foundation and concealer as per your need. Now take your face powder and set your foundation. Here is the Top 5 Branded Perfumes for Women

Once this is done, pick up tissue paper and gently dab it all over your face to remove any loose or excess makeup. Now, take an ice cube and run it all over your face gently. Let your face absorb all the moisture without touching it. Once it is done, you can go on with the rest of your makeup. This technique will hold down your foundation against a hurricane, let alone a little pouring.

These are all tried and tested tips that will help you in smelling, looking and feeling fabulous about yourself. So, try them and make them part of your grooming routine in the monsoon season.