Individual support courses: Career in Aged care

Aged care services in Perth are becoming essential for many people to live safely and perform daily tasks in their home. It is ideal for aging people and those that are having some medical conditions which impair their daily lives. A career in aged care includes providing assistance to people to live independently and manage their chronic health issues as well as recover from any sort of medical setback or disability. Home care professionals include aides, nurses, as well as therapists that can provide long or short-term care in the patient’s home depending on the person’s needs.

In most of the developed countries, the percentage of the elderly population is growing rapidly. In addition, there is an increase in nuclear families especially in developed countries like Perth. In the case of joint families also, most of the youngsters are either working or studying. This leaves no time for them to care for the elderly except on holidays. Because of this, the elderly people may end up feeling lonely in their homes, with no one to take care of them. Aged care professionals solve this problem by providing home care services for elderly people or those who are medically unfit. But to make a career in this field is also not so easy. You must have necessary qualifications and must pass elderly care courses or aged care accreditation course.

Home care includes:

•    Companionship.

•    Rehabilitative and therapy services.

•    Assistance in managing basic tasks around the house.

•    Help in performing daily activities.

•    Nursing care for the long or short term.

Types of home care:

There are different types of home care services that you can choose to make a career in. But all of them work towards providing happiness and independent living to the people that receive care.

Personal care and companionship: This type of homecare helps with everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, household tasks and meal preparation for people that cannot perform these tasks on their own. It is a non medicated home care.

Private duty nursing care: This can be a long-term or hourly nursing care for adults that have a chronic illness, disability or injury. It is also known as catastrophic care, shift nursing, adult nursing or hourly nursing.

Home health care: this is short-term care which is directed by a physician in order to help a patient recover from or prevent an injury, illness or hospital stay. 

You can choose to become any of the above mentioned professional after taking up the certificate 3 in individual support and certificate 4 in aged care courses.

Services that aged care professionals provide —

Non-medical care at home – This is the service of a personal caretaker which is provided by a certified person who has taken individual support courses. A personal nonmedical caretaker can be a good company and would help the aged person in their daily tasks efficiently. The caregivers, Home health aides, and certified nursing assistants are trained to help elderly in case of emergencies. They make sure that proper care of the elderly people is taken and they take their medicines on time. The professionals also aid them in doing their daily activities and serve as a good companion for them.

Assisted living – An assisted living professional stays with an elderly who is weak and cannot perform daily activities. Assisted living professional knows all the ways how to handle elderly people and in their company, an elderly can get help in basic activities and can enjoy the last few years of their life. With assisted living, the quality of life of aged people is highly improved with the help of a trained professional.

Nursing and Medical Care at Home – If the needs of an elderly are beyond the scope of a caregiver then aged care is given by a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. These nurses can provide better medical assistance than caregivers and are appointed for elderly suffering from major medical issues. These nurses have the responsibility to provide home care services like giving injections, blood draws, diabetes management, parenteral nutrition, dressing change etc.

Physical Therapy – When the elderly has issues in moving around the house and walking then the physical therapist can help out. Proper therapy can reduce the pain while walking and can make walking and doing other daily activities easier for them. As a physiotherapist, you will have to perform these paramedical tasks. Seniors do not need a caretaker only because they are ill or cannot do their household work on their own. As a caretaker, you should serve as a friend with whom they can share their feelings and problems in the old age. Caretaker might also be needed for home care service like ambulation assistance, housekeeping work, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care, transportation. To be a part of this noble and lucrative career you must take up aged care courses Perth.