How to Sell a Damaged or Accidental Car in UAE Conveniently

No one will deny that it’s quite difficult or tricky for any car owner to sell his/her damaged or accidental car in the United Arab Emirates. The car which has faced serious damage and it now needs a plethora of bucks, cannot be sold in the UAE’s market with ease. Getting your badly damaged or accidental car to be sold is indeed a good decision but it is a hard nut to crack to find a potential car buyer as common buyer won’t buy such car, obviously.

There are so many Accident Car Buyers in Dubai as well as auto companies who buy damaged, accidental, dead or junk cars at fair rates. So, without beating about the bush any further, let’s keep going!

Assess a Damage of Your Car

The first and foremost thing you are required to do is to assess damage and loss your car. That will indeed help you easily estimate a repair cost and actual value of a car. Now at that stage, you will be needed to make a decision in between to sell your car in the current condition or after some repair and paint job. Well, if repair cost crosses an actual value of your car (according to your estimate), you better sell your car out with immediate effects.

Create an Ad to Invite a Serious Buyer

The smart and exquisite approach to invite a serious buyer is to post an ad on so many well-known classified websites so that a buyer can contact you with ease. Well, don’t ever make a mistake to write a description of all damages in the ad – instead, write only the basic information in it alongside a couple of images of your car.

Getting your car advertised with all damages will undermine the value of your car. Therefore, you should let the buyer inspect a car and asses its value.

Sell Your Damaged or Accidental Car to Auto Garage

Don’t you want to advertise your car? Well, selling out your damaged car to an auto garage owner is also a great option. That kind of deal will promote mutual benefit. The main benefit is, auto garage owner will have so many sources to repair the car. So, it would most probably find it a profitable deal to buy your accidental or damaged car. It’s also profitable for yourself as chances are you’ll get a reasonable price.

Consider Salvage Car Auctions

The dead, damaged or accidental cars are also traded via salvage car auctions. You can search places online for wrecked and salvage car auctions and find a reliable platform. It will undoubtedly help you get an appropriate bid for accidental or damaged cars.

Get Contacted with Car Buying Companies

If you want your car to be sold to a well-reputed company, you are in luck. There is an extensive amount of companies – willing to buy your damaged or accidental cars and providing quite a few other services alongside all paperwork carefully. Look no further as accidental car buying companies are providing specialized services and buy any car no matter in which condition a car currently is and how much damage it has got.

Wrapping up

Whenever you sell your damaged or dead car in Dubai, always avoid selling your car to an auto dealer as you won’t get as much price as you are expecting. If your car has been damaged entirely, you should then sell its parts separately and the body to any junkyard near you. Last and least, let the buyer know that you are selling your car at lowest rate due to high-cost repair work. It would definitely help convince a buyer to buy your car at a reasonable rate.

Our Recommendation

Sell out your damaged or accidental car at We Buy Cars – a perfect platform (website obviously) for getting your dead, junk or scrap car to be sold at a higher rate. We Buy Cars is in every corner of UAE and arrive at your doorstep to inspect your car free-of-cost and buy it within a couple of minutes with complete paperwork with care. In short, it’s the most convenient and easiest way to get your deal done at unmatched rates. What else, do you want and what are you waiting for?

Tip: Make sure you have an estimate when someone arrives at your doorstep to look at your car you’re selling so that a buyer can evaluate the cost of damage – based on a professional’s opinion.

Warning: Don’t ever sell your damaged or accidental car to any buyer without letting him/her know everything that is wrong with your car. Be mindful, it’s fraudulent activity and could send a buyer to his/her death while driving the car without knowing the effects.


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