How to Make Lipstick Naturally at Home?

Not everyone wants a lip product sold in lipstick boxes. The desire to have something natural, preservative-free and confident can drive people to look for exciting recipes. Everyone has a desire to change their look for one reason or another. Makeup is a big part of helping a person get his makeover — their many ways in which a right lip color can be made at home. After making them, retail lipstick boxes can be bought to store or sell them.

The need for homemade lipsticks

Uncountable people like to use the items that are not produced in bulk. They might present their reasons to be of multiple kinds. Mostly the colors of the lipsticks can be figured out from their lipstick boxes. When a person fails to find the required color, they tend to look for alternatives. A homemade item is a perfect alternative for all the product types. Others might present a different scenario. They might want to be modified in a gathering and not want any other person to wear the same shade. Many lipstick boxes wholesale are stacked up in all the cosmetic shops. These consumers find them overwhelming and restricting. Last but not least, a person can reason about the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the item.

Ingredients required

The elements used in the production of lipstick can be found on its lipstick box packaging. A general idea can be taken about the commonly used items that are necessary for making it. Companies add many chemicals and preservatives in their items. They are important to increase the shelf life of the lipstick. Picking out the right and vital names from the list can be a difficult and enduring task. For that reason, few of the names are listed here with their required quantity,

1-     Beeswax pastilles (1 Teaspoon)

2-     Shea butter (1 Teaspoon)

As an alternative, cocoa butter with the same quantity can be used here.

3-     Coconut oil (1 Teaspoon)

All these items are natural and will end up making a clear and perfect lipstick. To store the mixture created, there is a need for lipstick packaging. These can be round plastic cylinders or 1-inch tin jars. The application of the product gets easier if the right container is used.

Color for style

As all the ingredients result in an opaque mixture, an ad-in can be considered here. To make the lip look colorful, any natural color can be picked up. The juices from vegetables, fruits, herbs, or chemical-free food colors can be used in this case.

1-     To multiple shades of red, the juice of beetroot can be used. Changing the quantity of the droplets poured in can change the color of the item. Mostly 1/8 teaspoon of this liquid is enough to get a good red color.

2-     Nude colored lip shades are not that difficult to achieve. With the use of cocoa powder or cinnamon, the earthy tone can be made. 1/4 teaspoon is enough, to begin with.

3-     A little bit of orange shade, turmeric, or a food color can be considered. The average quantity of 1/4 teaspoon is enough to make the lipstick give a glint.

4-     Bentonite clay is another option to make the shade better. To prevent having white specks on the lips with the application of plain mixture, it is better to add 1/4 teaspoon of this.

Multiple other colors can be used according to need. Custom lipstick packaging can be made to make the identification of the color easier. It is necessary to note that the color should be added very slowly during the cooking process. This thickens the color in the solution and makes it last longer.

A smell that attracts

The natural scent of all the ingredients is very raw. Sometimes it might feel weird and unsettling to apply. To kill the unwanted smell that is created with a mixture of all the oils and products use scents. A common product used for this purpose is an essential oil. With a few drops of any of the preferred scent, lipstick can be made better. Many lipstick packaging manufacturers list down the oil they have used in their production. If a consumer likes the smell of a certain lipstick, they can figure out the right essence from their box.

Make it right

All the right steps of making a lipstick are mentioned here in order.

1-     Put a pot filled with water on the fire and let it simmer. Beware of its boiling condition. A boil can disrupt the cooking process.

2-     Place a double boiler on this pan and add all the ingredients inside it. The little quantity of all of these items should make it melt faster.

3-     After all, the oils are mixed with the wax, slowly add the color with mixing it.

4-     Now add the essential oil or fragrance to end the process.

The mixture would still be in a liquid form, which makes it possible to put in lipstick packaging boxes. Add it in and let it cool.

Have fun

It is a simple process that can result in a very useful product. A person can show off their skills and save money at the same time. Homemade sticks in good lipstick boxes can add beauty to the cosmetic collection.