How to Design Amazing Custom Boxes and Packaging

Custom boxes and packaging are without a doubt one of the most important factors for all kinds of products. Whether you have retail display products, shipping items or storage products, boxes and packaging will always play a vital role. How do you design perfect Custom Boxes for your products needs many different considerations.

Packaging designers need to keep in mind that products come in different shapes and forms. Custom Packaging needs to be customized for each product’s requirements. Gone are the days when good old plain boxes used to be enough as long as they protected products and made them easy to carry. Today, people expect to see attractive Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale that has much more.

There will always be different aspects for different products. Some important packaging designing factors that will always need to be considered are:

  • Size and dimensions of products that are to be packaged
  • Weight and fragility of products will affect material choices
  • Packaging needs for single products or multiple ones
  • Retail display or shipping types of products
  • Custom product needs including various design customizations

Here are a few tips to help you design some of the best Custom Boxes and packaging for products:

Choose the Right Materials

Usually the starting point for any packaging box design is material selection. Different products have different characteristics that make then require specific material types. Cardstock materials are usually the most preferred when it comes to packaging boxes of various types. Cardstock materials are available in custom cardboard or corrugated material types. Kraft materials can also be used for certain products.

When you need extreme protection and safety for fragile products, corrugated stocks will be best. For not so fragile products, thin and beautiful cardboard can also be used. Another feature cardstock materials allow for is their ability to be designed and printed as required. These are basically paper-based materials that can be designed as preferred. Variable thickness grades are also available with cardstock materials offering as much protection for products as needed.

Customizing Boxes in Designs and Usage

There are many different design customizations available for Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale. Depending on product preferences, packaging boxes can be customized in their designs perfectly. Packaging designers need to customize their boxes perfectly for products. Some of the most popular design customizations available for different products are:

  • Custom clear window boxes for product design highlights
  • Gable boxes with easy carry handle
  • Bottom or top closure boxes with auto locking designs
  • Full flap boxes offering secure packaging for products
  • Double walled boxes perfect for fragile products
  • Tray and sleeve style boxes offering dual layers of protection
  • Simple tray and lid boxes with or without an attached lid

Design customizations will impact any product packaging to the maximum extent. Product manufacturers and retailers need to analyze their requirements efficiently before starting the designing processes. Only by understanding true product requirements, customized packaging boxes can be perfected for them.

High Quality Printing Is Most Essential

Probably the biggest standout feature packaging boxes can have is their printed designs. Custom Packaging is usually only as good as the printed designs on them as materials and other features are standardized in the industry. With printing, not only can customer attraction be maximized but logo printing also offers shelf-based advertisement as well. Some of the fanciest printing options available for unique product packaging boxes are:

  • Luxurious gold/silver foil stamping for any logos or designs
  • Raised ink printing perfect for texts or fancy designs
  • Embossing or debossing specializing in brand logo printing
  • Perfect high definition prints for images, designs or texts

Printing is often the differentiator for products when resting on retail shelves. As the retail market gets even more saturated with products from all different brands, high quality printing gets more important as well. High quality offset printing is the trend of the modern packaging industry. This would allow for accurate and precise designs in proper high definition finishes.

Suitable Products for Seasoned Products

The retail industry is one of the most amazing ones in the world. Different seasons not only get different products but presenting these products is done differently as well. Take the example of Christmas based purchases; these will need to have customized suitable designs. When looking to design some of the best Customized Boxes, designers should always take into account the exact purpose of them. Suitable design customizations should be provided in terms of all visual features.

Color combinations and printed designs will always be the most important features when it comes to event specific packaging boxes. Seasonal products need to have their own specific designs that present them ever so attractively for customers. Again, you will have to design your boxes just right in order for them to compete well in the much competitive modern market. No standardized designing should be followed for packaging boxes. Every event or occasion specific product packaging should be designed accordingly.

Thinking Outside the Box Is the Best Option

We mean this literally. There is no pun intended in thinking outside the box. When designing your perfect Custom Boxes, you need to be as creative as you possibly can. At the end of the day, best-looking boxes that offer functional customizations as well will always present products best. Whether you need boxes for retail display products or shipping and storage-oriented ones, creative thinking will always provide the best solutions.

With design customizations and printing finishes, another feature you can add is surface finishes. There are some great options available for surface laminations including matte, gloss or spot UV that have ability to make boxes look and feel awesome. In the end, every product manufacturer will have their own unique way of designing their packaging boxes. As long as your boxes look and feel great and are suitable for products, you should have no problems with them. Of course one of the best ways to verify designs is to get samples before you place a full order. This way, you can check your Custom Packaging in person and get the realistic look and feel. Read more about The Importance Of Lipstick Boxes for Women’s.