How long does it take to complete building a mobile app?

Applications are becoming the best marketing tool today. It’s improving the business standards by easing all the complex process involved in it. The interactivity between the buyer and seller are getting closer than never before via apps. Since the smartphones have become today’s craze of the human race, business people find them to be the ideal tool for ameliorating their business productivity. A wide range of applications is available in the market that covers almost all the fields. Right from cooking to coding apps is into all the journals.

Things to be considered

The one general question that anyone asks on an application is ‘how long will it take to develop the app?’ The answer to this particular question varies as per the application a person is trying to develop. Although it changes let us find all the factors involved in the development of the application and try to find a generous answer for it.

A simple app will have most basic features; hence building it would take only less time. In comparison to the smaller app, huge apps will comprise additional features which need extra attention and time to execute it perfectly without any flaw. Hence the time and money vary according to the app intended to develop. Let us break the factors into chunks easier to grasp.

Deciding the type & scope

First and foremost thing to be considered is the type of app to be built. Check out the market and make some research to find the type of app you would like to introduce to the market. Explore all the options and make a firm decision. Always keep in mind that the market conditions will vary from time to time. Hence, before you decide on a type, find its future scope. When you are confident enough over the decision you make, move on to the next step.

Now it’s time list out all the requirements that you must mandatorily posses; in order to create your dream app. Never compromise on the quality, try to put up all the latest versions to build your app. So that when it works in the later part of the time, it won’t look old to the market. Freshness is always an important factor to survive the competitive world.

Forgetting all these work done you may take around 1-2 weeks in case of a smaller app, 2-3 weeks for a medium one and 3-4 weeks for a bigger one.

Visualizing the application

Once the materials and the idea are ready, it’s time to move on to the next level of the work. The design process of the app, which comprises the use of UI/UX tools to create an aesthetic design. So, the work begins with designing every single screen for user interaction, frameworks, buttons, and all those stuff. Animations and transitions will also be into the act. It is the life-bringing session of the app development. All the latest trend technologies will be employed into action to create a pleasant application. Along with that always make sure that the application is scalable at any point in time. Following the order of the application development is also highly important else it may lead to a big mess.

Since the designing process includes much creative work putting the experts into deep action, it may take quite a long time. For a simple app, it consumes 3-4 weeks, 6-7 weeks for an average app and 9-10 weeks for a highly featured app.

Time involved in development and testing

After designing the application, the backend is the next thing to be focused. The backend development will involve the construction of the technical architecture along with the User Interface (UI) coding. A lot of work is involved particularly in this part of the development. Database structures that suit the best have to choose. The endpoints, API integrations, the security function, application styling, and a lot more stuff are involved. Developers have to work hardcore to develop a finely working application.

Another challenge is that the development of the Android, iOS and the backend must be done in parallel. Finally, the functional implementation and the testing of the app will take place. This is the longest process involved in the development and will take 6-7 weeks for smaller App. Doubles up to 14-15 weeks for medium-sized and 20-22 weeks for bigger ones.

Quality assurance

Once the application is developed completely after the testing process still a part of the job is left undone. Even after the complete programming part, there may be some additional bugs. It is important to check out all those bugs before submission to the play store. With bugs, your application will get drowned in the market. Since the full capability of the app is unleashed when there are certain glitches in it. Hence troubleshooting the app is highly important. For this process, the smaller app takes a week, the mid-size app takes 2 weeks and large apps consume 3 weeks. However, the data may also vary depending upon the experience obtained in similar work before.