Essential Steps to Build an LHT-App with Quick Insights

Technology has now significantly improved and developed every area of the world. From ride-sharing software to the truck dispatch software, many of the transportation software have amazingly developed.

Here, we have listed some of the most important features for startups that need to integrate while developing an app for long-haul trucking. ‘Long Haul Trucking’ is also called as LHT.

Before moving forward towards the features, let me make you clear about LHT. It is defined as a Commercial truck trip; also defined as OTR trucking, where it covers over 200 miles from origin to end.

Let’s take a quick tour of the trucking business insights, together with its stats and trends.

Trucking Industry: Quick Insights               

·         Plunkett Research report says that the U.S. shipment transportation business is rough one trillion USD, and 70 percent of the amount is made by trucking.

·         The American Trucking Associations has investigated this huge trucking trade was of 726 billion USD. Thus after observing the overall rising growth, it is assumed that there still are many opportunities in this industry.

·         Transparency Market Researchers survey says that the transportation market was valued globally at 9,600.8 million USD. And, as healthily rising, probably it will reach up to 30,045.1 million USD by the year 2025.

Let’s a take a tour to some of the fundamental features for developing a tracking app:

Pivotal Features

1. Time & Location Tracking

To minimize the problems like reaching safely at destination place, tracking is important. This tracking in real-time and maps will help the drivers & shippers as well.

It should display the recommended routes with traffic. This tracking element is vital for trucking business as because this feature ultimately enables shippers to map the current place of particular trucks.

2. Payment Integration

For building an app, especially logistic app, payment systems are what one of the important features needs to be considered.

Consider this feature as one the important, as because this feature, for shippers allows to compensate online via a user-friendly mobile app. Which is ultimately provides a uniform experience of paying digitally. But, as per the research study, one can provide multiple options for paying like e-wallets, debit card, and credit card. Read more about How to Get Rid Of the Noad VarianceTV Adware on your Computer

3. In-App Messaging Feature

One more important feature for apps like haul trucking is In-application Messaging. This would be considered as the notification feature. This feature allows shoppers to send vital messages to drivers and vice-a-versa.

So, integrating this In-App Chat feature would be a great idea. This platform can reduce the issues between the shippers and drivers. Through this feature, both can chat easily regarding any query, location, current status, and even they can here share the details through images.

4. Trip History

Integrating Trip History feature will be another important portion for the tracking app. To avoid the confusions, for keeping the past records that too with a detailed history of each trip, Trip History would an only option.  For shippers and drivers, this will definably help both to keep past data of shipping. Ultimately, providing this feature will lessen the burden once the trip is over as this Trip history will provide a detailed history of all the trips. In short, this is to have less paperwork for everyone.


Through this one will get the basic idea to build transportation and logistics app. As listed, Real-time Tracking, Payment Integration, In-App Messaging Feature, and Trip History are the four basic features are very important for any startups who are building a tracking app. Also, some of the new and unique features need to integrate while developing an app for tracking. As, here, in this sector for being unique, it requires innovative structures and functionalities.


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