Does a Feedback System Contributes in Work Culture Optimization

Feedback and performance of the business are co-related and goes with hand in hand when comes to optimization of efficiency for a functioning organization. In the absence of modernization, it was done manually with verbal or written means of communication and it is very easy not valued and considered in that form. The neglected form of the business puzzle has made us realize the importance of a good performance and feedback system in a company. Making the communication is two way is the key towards making your organization survive any situation where your employees are following your commands of operation and later they are also indulged in the process of giving inputs to the management regarding what all bumps and potholes they came across while delivering this result. The continuous two-way channel will signify the importance of a perfectly implemented executable performance management workflow. The close calls between management and the workforce can be handled by the HR through a feedback system which is featured in HR Software. Growth hacking your potential employees will be based on this feedback channel where the HR and management will be quite aware of all the problems which are faced by the employees. This big picture will help in finding all the missing dots and connecting them to align the organization’s productivity.

Process and Workflow Optimization

Cracking the code of performance optimization requires a dedicated channel where the HR Software acts as a nervous system providing all the updates of the actual and past performance. The procedural workflow can be determined with the help of performance and feedback software where the HR can know the current working scenarios of the company. The involvement of process optimization tactics gets effective if the management is providing an ear to all the problems of employees. Workflow determining by the system will give a crystal clear view regarding who is accountable to what and then getting reviews and feedback from all the concerned authorities. This ensures that the personnel who are giving feedbacks are the one who is sure to be in an association with the respective task.

Variable Pay Integration

Employees performance management through HR Software can be integrated with the payroll cycle processing where the variable pays are getting measured in the form of KPI and KRA. The evaluation of these variables ensures the productivity to be on the expected measurement bar. Clients, team leads, managers and also the HR are involved in these procedures where the mere employee’s work is being reviewed for providing suitable feedback which will enlighten the scope of improvement. The feedbacks area then concerned to make sure that all the problems are solved and never be repeated in the entire business career. Continuous evaluation will lead this to make a robust organization which will be known in the market for its productivity and qualitative products.

Appraisals and Recognition

Have you ever wondered what a perfect organization consists of? A company which is said to be perfect is made by collective talents which are housed by the HR. They are chained with the organization and providing them with a satisfactory environment will help in retaining all the potential resources. There are basically two ways of retaining employee resources which is by means of satisfying their monetary or non-monetary needs. The appraisal and facilities provided to employees in order to appreciate their effort are based on the reviews and feedbacks analysis done by the HR. These are the collective reviews of the feedback during the entire year which will automatically be evaluated by the artificial intelligence based HR Software and it will distinguish all the productive resource to which you can negotiate for their appraisal and recognition. This will be the moderate way out to which you can cultivate a set of productive staff which is always oriented towards achieving company goals.

It will be a one-shot opportunity for your competitor to eat up your business margins with these kinds of tools, it is now or never. Choose wisely to free up your HR and management from duties and only be responsible for strategizing for company’s enriched future. Automate with payroll software to sit back and relax, while the cloud will do all the effort to manage your employees for you.  


Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development