CBD Packaging Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful Black Friday

While Christmas may seem a long way away, there are now less than 60 days until the festivities begin. This means Black Friday and Cyber Monday—other significant shopping days—are just around the corner. With more CBD producers are likely to be focused on meeting the Black Friday and Cyber Monday demand, it’s fairly easy to overlook or neglect an essential element of fulfillment—your CBD packaging.  

This post underlines why it’s a grave mistake, how CBD brands can avoid the common pitfalls linked with increased packaging demand, and how custom CBD boxes can give you a serious competitive edge over rivaling businesses.

Prepare to Cope with Additional Packaging Demand      

The sheer scale of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can put all aspects of your business under great strain, be it manufacturing, supply chain, administration, shipping, marketing or advertising. All of this can be affected owing to the additional demand.

This is why it’s critical to plan ahead of the event and packaging can boost your sales and profitability. It will help you mitigate the impact of this event. Of course, your packaging partner may be anticipating this, but it’s wise to ensure they have substantial packaging stock to meet sudden surges in demand.

That said, it’s not enough to meet your customers’ expectations. To help you out, here we have chalked out five CBD packaging pitfalls to avoid for a record-shattering Black Friday.

Product Damage during Transit

According to statistics, the potential for damaged products is quite significant across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With ever-increasing online activity, the damaged products are only likely to increase. When it comes to an e-commerce order, there can be as many as 50 touchpoints before the box arrives at the customer’s doorstep.

This means there are 50 potential interaction points for the package to be ill-treated before it gets in the hands of the end customer. In contrast, a product that ends up in a traditional brick and mortar store has only 10 touchpoints. So, it’s absolutely vital that your CBD box packaging should endure wear and tear during the transit.

This points in one direction only: work with a professional packaging firm like The Legacy Printing that can suggest the best design, materials, and size for your Cannabidiol products. Beyond this, testing rigorously can prove helpful too.         

By overlooking the primary function of your packaging—protect the contents of the box—your brand and products can fall prey to negative coverage on social media.

Loss of Business and Repeat Customers

The packaging gives you a strategic advantage. Failing to invest in quality package will only bring a bad reputation to your brand that can actually have a long-standing impact.

While one can’t overlook the short-term pain of refunding or recalling the damaged product, this also bars more than a quarter of customers to order from a business that offers poor packing. And when you put packaging into the context of a major event like the Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it is highly likely you may lose thousands of dollars business in the form of returns damaged goods. Most importantly, you will lose brand loyalty and repeat business.

The bottom line is your packaging must protect the encased products during transportation to avoid bringing a bad name to your brand.

Failing to Surpass Customers’ Expectations  

While protecting products during transportation should be the primary goal of your Black Friday packing, the bar has been raised to a new high in recent times. Thanks to the proliferation of unboxing videos, products arriving in optimum conditions simply meet the base level of expectation.      

In this era of social media and YouTube, customers expect a lot more out of brands and packaging. For instance, they expect a luxury item to be encased in an intricately designed box that’s more delicate than the product itself. Sure, they want to receive the packed item in optimum condition but at the same time, they want the package to be easy to open. 

Else, it’ll create a poor impression and derail the customer experience. This can drive customers away from your product and diminish brand loyalty. However, if the unboxing experience delights your customers it can turn them into brand advocates. And, word of mouth recommendation is crucial for business success.

This can only happen if your packaging surpasses their expectations. So make your consumers feel valued by fulfilling their needs, showing care, attention to detail, and effectively communicating your brand message through your packing.