7 Tips to Avoid Failures Custom Product Boxes Designs

Why Do Products fail to Impress Customers?

It will not be wrong to say that in the success of any product packaging plays the most important role. It is probably that one element which brands have to start considering more than ever. Unfortunately, there are still many brands who still haven’t realized how important it is to get well-designed and premium packaging for their products. It is not that these brands have not invested in promoting their brands despite all the marketing efforts products still fail to impress customers. Those brands that are new to the business get confused with what to do and what not. Somehow they fail to make an impact on the market, which leads to their failure.

You’ll be surprised to learn that from 80% to 95% of products fails which is the large figure. Why so? Why do so many products fail to generate a meaningful financial return? There can be a lot of reasons. The most significant out of all is because brands fail to understand what their customers want and need in the packaging. Many brands still overlook that modern customer’s demands have changed drastically. Another reason can be that they are not resolving existing issues in their packaging. Moreover, targeting the wrong market is another most common mistake made by manufacturers. Sometimes, pricing can also affect sales of the products because customers already have so many options for less money.

All these and so many other reasons contribute to making a product fail on the shelves of the retail stores. If you really want your products to stand out on the shelves and compete with the successful products, then you have to step up your packaging game. You are never too late to bring improvements to your products and their packaging. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned a few things which every brand owner should know about when manufacturing product boxes. To learn more about them, read till the end!

7 Tips to Avoid Failures Custom Product Boxes Designs

1. Understand Consumer Requirements

The biggest mistake that brands make is they do not consider consumer’s requirement when designing packaging. You do not want to make the same mistake. Products are for customers, so its packaging design should be made according to their demands, right? Therefore, when you are designing product packaging, you need to research a bit about what kind of packaging and products customers like to buy. Determine what they would like in your packaging? What are their demands? Know all these answers and manufacture your product boxes.

2. Fix Existing Problems

Probably the most significant thing you need to do. Determine what is lacking and what are your mistakes that are making your potential customers ignore your products on the shelf? Once you have figure out what are your problems, then you need to fix them if you want to attract customers and to increase sales. If you ignore this step, then it is expected that your products will be removed from the shelves and you want that, right?

3. Target Your Customers

You do not want to repeat that mistake what Microsoft made back in 2006. In case you do not know, Microsoft launched Zune, which supposed to have the same features as Apple’s device iPod. In spite of all the promises, they failed because they didn’t bring something different and didn’t encourage them to switch their product. The point is to know who to sell your products. Target your customers and design custom boxes according to your targeted customers and make sure your packaging is attractive enough to make them switch to your brand.

4. Accurate Pricing

Yes, we get it that generating money must be one of your top goals but charging more for ordinary products can be overwhelming. Customers will not even think of buying your product when they have a lot of other options to get same thing in relatively fewer prices. Therefore, overpricing can be a reason for your downfall, not the reason for your business success. Customers will simply pass by your products and will pick that which has similar ingredients at less cost.

5. Customize Appropriately

When customizing packaging you need to choose the right size, color, style, design, and material for your product packaging. When doing so, you need to heed on every single detail, because it makes a huge difference. For example, if you do not choose right material then customers will not buy your products because of the poor quality material you have used in the manufacturing of custom boxes. Plus the design should be attractive enough to grab the attention of your potential customers.

6. Do not Prolong Develop

If you are planning to launch a new product on the market, then you have to launch it on the right time. For the success of your product in the market you need to manufacture your packaging at the right time.

7. Poor Marketing

Last but one of the most important factors is to market your products effectively in the market. In this regard, custom printed boxes play a huge role in building and promoting your brand in the market, and it is the cheapest marketing tool in which you do not have to spend a significant amount of money to get.


In order to get that recognition in the market and to set your products apart you need to invest in product packaging. But you need to avoid mistakes by following tips mentioned above in this article.