6 Nifty Social Media Chat Apps You Should Give A Try!

Chatting is the most favorite hobby of people and in past, SMS was the prominent way of chatting but the trend has changed after the arrivals of dozens of social media chat apps. They have made chatting more interesting and attractive.

They have also made it easy for people to express their feelings and emotions while chatting through a feature like Emoji. SMS makes you stick to only texting but social media chat apps enable you to use features like video calls, multimedia functions, gaming and group chats. 

They have taken chatting to the next high level and now people do not get bored of only texting as they have various other things to do in social media chat apps. The more you enhance your knowledge about social media chat apps, the more you will be able to use them properly. Let’s start finding out about those apps in order to make the most out of them and enjoy chatting.

1.     WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know about Whatsapp? But here you find more interesting facts about it. You find that above than 300 million people use this outstanding chatting app every month. Using it is very simple and it is the reason why people of every age group like using it.

On WhatsApp, You do not find it difficult to share photos and send voice messages. It supports every phone and it is also the strong reason for its popularity. You also find that students use WhatsApp a lot and they also get promotional messages of essay writing service on WhatsApp.

2.     GroupMe

By its name, you can easily judge that it is about group messaging. It also enables you to share photos, videos easily. This app is owned by Skype that is another prominent chatting app. It is very simple to use and you can find it on a wide range of platforms.

This chatting app is getting an immense popularity specifically among young people. Therefore, you should consider using it and enjoy group messaging.

3.     Line

This app has a lot to offer you including messaging option. In this app, you send text messages, have group chats, share photos, and videos.In addition, you can also make voice/ video calls. It also makes you play games with your friends.

It is essential to know that it is free to use but you can spend buy virtual content such as stickers and in-app purchases in games. This app supports many apps such as nifty camera app and soon you will find some other interesting features of this app.

4.     WeChat

It is the chine-made service and it is mostly compared to Facebook. While using this app, you will find lots of features such as group chat, voice message and multimedia options, video, and audio calls. One thing is clear that it is not boring and it is the reason why it has become popular all over the world.

Facebook discourages you to send friend requests to strange people but on WeChat, you are able to interact with new people and expand your network.

5.     MessageMe

This app was launched in 2013 and it has many features that you will like a lot. Like other chatting apps, it also offers messaging option. You are also able to send images making this app more appealing.

That is not all about this app as you can also share your location and music from your device. Consider using this app and take chatting to the next high-level.

6.     Cubie

It is aTaiwan-based app. It is getting its popularity gradually. One of its features enables you to make as well as send doodles. It is one of its major features and it means that you should use this app. You find it very multimedia-centric hence you should download it now.

It also enables you to share location using the features of voice and video calls. It will become an integral part of your life as you start using it.

Final Thoughts…

The aforementioned are some of the major social media chatting apps that are very popular nowadays. After few years, you will notice their huge success in the world of social media apps and you will be using more interesting features of these apps.